Basic Work Agreement

This isn’t really a binding “terms of service” agreement. I’ve got sole control over my project files to prove I worked on it, and until we reach a deal to purchase my work those files remain in my hands and I can use them for my own projects. If you take the prototypes and run with them, just stick my name in the credits.

“If you sell it, give me credit.”
Upon public release of a commercial product by the client, Kazi’s Workshop retains no interest in that product, so long as credit is prominently given (in the Rulebook, Packaging, and/or Marketing).

“If you build on it, pay for it.”
Kazi’s Workshop maintains control of the project files created during development, and the rights to any project files, with the exception of files already owned by another (such as licensed art assets). If the client wishes to use those project files for further development, they can be purchased for a negotiable fee.

That said, If you are serious about making a commercial product, we can work out a contract. Commission and Salary rates are available, depending on client needs.